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  • Multiple office locations
  • A GYN Emergent Care Center with an onsite Surgical Institute
  • All-female providers and staff
  • A chocolate on every pillow

It’s easy to see why we are the number one choice for over 42,000 women in Southern California.

See what everyone is talking about – become a patient today!


Thank you for choosing Complete Women Care as your healthcare provider.

In order to make your wait time at your first visit as short as possible, we kindly ask that you provide us with your personal and medical information before your visit by creating a patient portal account.

  • Creating a CWC Patient Portal Account

Our Patient Portal will allow you to fill out your medical history and personal information online.

Create Patient Portal Account 

The patient portal account allows you to update your health history, view your lab results, pay bills and much more.

  • Register via phone

If you prefer, you can also call our office at 562 424 8422 or chat with us so we can assist you with scheduling your first appointment.


Welcome to Complete Women Care.

Once you come to our office you will be asked to sign in and take a seat. While you are waiting, our front office personnel is:

  • Checking you in
  • Preparing your documents for the doctor
  • Checking if you have filled out your paperwork online
  • Checking if your insurance data is correct and verified
  • Preparing documents for you to sign

Your copay will also be collected at check in as well as any other fees that apply to your visit.

Once we have completed the paperwork, you will be asked to come to the doctor’s office to meet your new doctor in person. In the doctor’s office your doctor will go over your health history and will ask you questions related to your health and lifestyle. You will also be able to discuss your concerns.

After that, you will be called into the exam room. A nurse will take you to the exam room and take your vitals. She will look at your health history again to make sure that all medications, therapies, and/or surgeries that you had in the past are entered correctly. After that the doctor will come in and perform your exam.

If your doctor has called in a prescription to your pharmacy, please keep in mind that the pharmacy needs time to prepare your medication.Our system sends this information electronically, so your medication might not be ready to pick up right away. We suggest waiting until the next day to pick up your medication if not instructed differently by your doctor or nurse.

If you need a follow up appointment, an ultrasound, or a surgical procedure, our front office personnel will schedule all further appointments with you at checkout.


In addition to our compassionate approach to personalized care in which a system rotates around the patient and provides all services in real time at one location, here are some other benefits our patients enjoy:

  • Offices at four convenient locations
  • All-female OB/GYN specialists
  • Doctors available 24/7 (on call)
  • Access to OB/GYN specialists at the Gynecology Emergent Care Center seven days a week with extended hours for any early pregnancy and GYN emergencies – no appointment required
  • Diagnostics, lab tests, imaging, surgical procedures – all services in real time and at one location
  • Access to the GYN Surgical Institute seven days a week and expedited intake in case of an urgent surgical procedure
  • Access to the CWC Midwifery Program
  • Complementary support programs and services for pregnant patients (Health Coach Program & Free 4D Ultrasound)
  • Online Patient Portal that allows you to request refills, review lab results, schedule appointments, manage your personal and health info, pay bills and much more
  • Ambassador/referral program with store gift cards of your choice for you and your family and friends
  • Monthly newsletter about the latest topics in Women’s Health


If your health insurance plan is an HMO, or Health Maintenance Organization, you probably know that your primary care physician coordinates all of your health care services. Your doctor keeps track of all your medical records and provides routine care.

For most, but not all, HMO plans you’ll need a referral from your primary care physician before you can see any other health care professional,including a gynecologist (except in an emergency). If your plan requires a referral and you don’t get one, your insurance won’t cover the cost to see the specialist.

Referrals are usually valid for 90 days (with the exception of pregnancy). You do not need a referral for a routine Well Woman Exam.

We recommend contacting your insurance to get more details on how your referring process works.



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