What is a Bartholin Cyst?

What is a Bartholin Cyst?

What are Bartholin Glands?

According to ACOG, Bartholin Glands are located under the skin on either side of the opening of the vagina.  They release a fluid that helps with lubrication during sexual intercourse. 

What are Batholin cysts?

When obstructed, these glands back up with fluid. Typically, this is painless but if it becomes infected then it can be painful and inflamed. According to Mayo Clinic, Bartholin Cysts are fairly common.


  • A tender and/or painful growth near the vaginal opening
  • Discomfort with sitting or walking
  • Painful sex
  • Fever


Bartholin cysts are typically diagnosed by your physician during a pelvic exam. 


Treatment usually involves at home care that include warm baths or warm compresses. A procedure may be needed to drain the cyst, especially if an abscess has formed.

When to see your OB/GYN?

According to Disabled World, you should see your OB/GYN when your Bartholin Cyst becomes painful, suggesting that the abscess needs to be drained. If you have pain sitting down or walking comfortably, show signs of a fever, vomiting and/or vaginal discharge then it’s also suggested to see your doctor.

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