Dr. Mackovic Named Exemplary Business Woman Of 2015

On Thursday, May 28th, Dr. Miriam Mackovic was awarded the Exemplary Business Woman award from the Women’s Business Council of the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce. Standing amongst her peers of innovators, inventors, and invigorating speakers, Dr. Mackovic wowed them all by showing them her vision for the future of healthcare and how it benefits the modern woman.

Dr. Mackovic detailed how she originally intended to complete her residency at UCLA and return to her home country of Croatia. As her residency progressed, however, she realized that California held a wealth of opportunity that she couldn’t overlook. She decided to stay in Sunny SoCal and open up a facility where women care for women – Complete Women Care. Ten years later, six facilities, and over seventy employees later, that decision has proven to not only have paid off, but to have given back an insurmountable value to the community.


She also discussed how the modern woman benefits from her revolutionary healthcare model. The modern woman, being a woman of many talents and timetables, doesn’t have the ability to run from one facility for an exam, only to be told to go to several facilities for additional tests only to return to the original office to be told the interpreted results. The modern woman needs to be taken care of when symptoms present themselves, not days or weeks later. They need one facility where they are able to be seen, within 20 minutes, by a female OBGYN specialist who is attentive and compassionate. This is the model Dr. Mackovic envisioned and shared with the audience that night. They were captivated by her charming and heartfelt words and eager to hear more.

Dr. Mackovic reminded the audience that it was not by her work alone that brought her the many successes she has been so fortunate to reap. It was by the dedication of her brilliant team of women that helped her achieve her vision. It was by the support and encouragement of her family, who shared not only the good times but the hard times as well. It was also by the loyalty of her patients, who repeatedly sought her guidance and experience to solve their issues when they needed help. As Dr. Mackovic so eloquently put, “They say that behind every great man is a great woman. I believe that, behind every successful woman, there are other supportive women”. Dr. Mackovic graciously acknowledged all that helped her achieve her goal of helping other women and accepted the award on behalf of them.


Dr. Mackovic strives, every day, to be the kind of woman that deserves such a title as Exemplary Business Woman. It was with gratitude and humility that she accepted this award and is humbled by the honor. She will cherish this award for years to come, and she was grateful to have her vision for the future of healthcare validated on this evening.

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