Fight Breast Cancer for Candy – We can help

Fight Breast Cancer for Candy – We can help

Hi everyone,

I had the pleasure of meeting Candy last week in our CWC office for the first time when she presented with a breast mass. She had been breastfeeding her 2 year old daughter and thought it was a clogged milk duct. Immediately I sent her for imaging followed by a biopsy that confirmed my worse suspicion. She has Stage 3 breast cancer.

Candy is only 28 years old. She is one of the youngest patients to date that I have diagnosed with such an aggressive tumor. She has neglected to come in sooner because she was working 12 hour days after her husband lost his job. She is under a tremendous amount of stress mainly due to her finances and doesn’t know how they will make ends meet. I have taken her off work in order to make all of her doctor’s appointments as we move forward with chemotherapy and surgery.

Their situation is extremely time sensitive and because they lack support we are reaching out to everyone to take a look at their go fund me site.

Please click on the gofundme link below to support Candy and to share the story on your social media.


Antoanetta Mueller, MD,. FACOG
GYN Emergent Care Center Medical Director & CWC Medical Director

A thank you note from the Williams family to all Complete Women Care Patients

Dear Patients of CWC,

My husband and I wanted to take the time to say thank you for generosity and support during this difficult time. We thank God for you dearly,for the encouragement and donations that has been given thus far. We believe with your prayers and support I can beat this Cancer and live a healthy and cancer free life. On behalf of the Williams Family we say Thank you!

Candy & Jarmar

Please click on the donate button to help Candy 

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