General Obstetrical Care

Helping you have a healthy baby

Pregnancy is an exciting time in a woman’s life. Being pregnant and expecting a new addition to your family evokes feelings of happiness and excitement, but also nervousness. At Complete Women Care we will be happy to be with you and support you at every step during your pregnancy and childbirth. During this exciting time of your life, you need more than just one dedicated doctor. That is why we will provide you with an entire team of experienced female doctors, nurses and a health coach dedicated to helping you have a healthy pregnancy and childbirth.

Preconception Counseling

Caring for your health before you become pregnant is called preconception care and it is important for you, your partner and your baby. Preconception care will help you learn about any risk factors and treat any medical problems that may influence your pregnancy. Our preconception counseling program is designed to help you and your partner become your healthiest self emotionally and physically before you get pregnant.

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