Importance of Routine Prenatal Visits

“It’s positive!”

These words are extremely meaningful for any women trying to get pregnant. However, knowing that you are going to be a mother is just the first stop on your wonderful pregnancy journey. Dr. Miriam Mackovic, a leading gynecologist in Long Beach, California, advises that you make an appointment as soon as possible with your health care provider after receiving a positive pregnancy test.

Caring for Two

As an expectant mother-to-be, you should not only be concerned about the health of the baby but with your own as well. This is because your overall health will significantly affect the heath of your child at birth and throughout their lifetime.

During your first visit, your health care specialist will be interested in general health questions. She will inquire about any pre-existing medical conditions or medication being taken. She will also ask about the health history of your family members, which includes your family and your partner’s family. The health care provider can then determine if you have any pregnancy risk factors. These factors may include health conditions, such as diabetes or hypertension, and/or lifestyle practices, such as smoking or a family history of heath disorders.

Pre-Natal Counseling

Preparing for your due date is extremely important. Your health care provider will give you updates on your baby’s development during your scheduled visits. She will also recommend proper diet and vitamins to take as well as medications to avoid or take precautions against.

Time to Ask Questions

As a mother-to-be, you may have many questions on your mind. Your first visit is just the right time for you to ask these questions. Your health care provider will be happy to answer anything you ask her. Some of the most frequently asked questions are:

  • Do I need to take special vitamins?
  • Do other pregnant women experience the same conditions I do?
  • What can I do to manage my morning sickness?
  • Is it still okay for me to have sex while I’m pregnant?

Make a journal of all your questions and be sure to bring this to each and every visit so that all your questions are answered by a health care professional.

Your first visit to your health care provider is critical. With the information gathered, your health care provider can map out the proper program of guidance and support during your pregnancy. As the leading gynecologist clinic in Long Beach, California, we want to reassure you that your first visit is an exciting first step of a wonderful process.

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