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A regular visit with an OB/GYN builds the foundation of health and wellness for women in the battle against a wide-range of health concerns. These concerns affect women of all ages, and as such it is important to maintain regular visits to your gynecologist no matter how old you are.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends that a female’s first reproductive health visit happen between the ages of thirteen and fifteen, annual breast and abdominal exams begin at the age of 19, and routine annual pelvic and Pap Tests begin at 21. Women who are 30 years of age and older who have had routine normal Pap Test results should maintain testing every five years with pap and HPV (human papilloma virus) testing but should still have an annual OB/GYN exam. These are the recommendations for minimum visitation to an OB/GYN, but what are the most important reasons why visiting your gynecologist is essential? We will discuss these topics further as you read on.

5. Proactive Treatment of Problems Before They Start

Regular gynecologist visits are important not just for diagnosing and treating problems that have already reared their heads, but also in preventing potential problems before they start. Gynecologists are trained not just in resolving problems that have developed, but also in evaluating your lifestyle choices and hygiene to recommend the best practices for ensuring continued health. Furthermore, if there are problems that have the potential to develop, they can suggest either changes in your lifestyle or diet to stop the problems before they begin. This is why an OB/GYN is a valuable resource regardless of whether you have already begun to experience any issues or not.

4. Treat Problems Before They Get Worse

If you have already begun to experience gynecological problem, they will only get worse by avoiding a visit with your gynecologist. What may start out as a minor problem generating only mild discomfort can quickly become something much more harmful if left untreated. Many cancers such as breast and cervical often can be diagnosed earlier if proper follow up is accomplished. Many times symptoms of serious matters, like cancer, may appear to be related to much less serious conditions, and as such the only way to be sure is to schedule regular visits with an OB/GYN.

3. Develop & Maintain Healthy Habits

As mentioned previously, in preventing a multitude of problems from developing, maintaining healthy habits is crucial to continued health and well-being. Besides simply preventing problems from developing, keeping up on basic habits such as a proper diet and upkeep of your female hygiene is key to feeling good about yourself and maintaining a strong immune system. Maintaining proper cleaning of your vaginal area, for instance, keeps proper balance of bacteria that can help avoid developing such problems as urinary tract and yeast infections.

2. Ensure a Healthy Pregnancy

If you are expecting a child, it is crucial that you schedule regular visits with an OB/GYN. During pregnancy, routine visits to an obstetrician can be incredibly beneficial in the ease and success of your pregnancy. This is necessary not only for maintaining healthy habits throughout your pregnancy, but also discovering any hidden problems and treating them before they worsen.

It’s important to remember that a gynecologist can recommend even basic things such as a proper diet and exercise based on your individual needs. While these things may seem basic, they are often the foundation of a healthy pregnancy that is commonly ignored. Sometimes keeping up on these basic things can make the biggest difference in the success of your pregnancy, and it’s important to keep your doctor with you for every step of the way.

1. Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is powerful in knowing that you maintain a healthy lifestyle and that is accomplished by routine checkups to ensure that you are always in the best health and that your health concerns are always addressed. Having this peace of mind begins with choosing a licensed doctor that can address your needs in a professional, compassionate manner that will leave you feeling comfortable and confident that your issues have been addressed.

There are many reasons why seeing an OB/GYN regularly is important in addressing your concerns. These are just some of the reasons why, and there are many more your doctor will happily discuss with you. The first step is choosing an OB/GYN with a strong reputation and sense of compassion for patients. Choosing a doctor capable of addressing your needs is important, and may seem like a difficult choice. Thankfully, there is a good option out there for addressing your concerns – the GYN Emergent Care Center.

We at the GYN Emergent Care Center, a Long Beach OBGYN emergency facility, are here to offer you a team of professional gynecologists to address your concerns with all the benefits you deserve in maintaining your personal health. For questions, or to schedule an appointment, call us at 855 376 2496. Or simply walk in.

Your health and well-being is top priority at the GYN Emergent Care Center. Feeling confident in your diagnosis, treatment, and recovery is vital to your health and well-being. You deserve the best, and with our staff of professionally trained, compassionate doctors, we can give you just that so you can leave our offices feeling healthy, empowered, and prepared. Give us a call today so that we can serve you!

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