Results and Refills

Lab Services

The GYN Emergent Care Center is equipped with a lab that can process most tests needed for your emergency visit. However, if your condition requires additional lab tests that are not available at our facility we will send it out to our partner labs. If your labs are normal they will be sent to your patient portal account. If your results are abnormal one of our nurse practitioner will call you and set up an appointment with one of our doctors.


You can request your refills by:

Using your Patient Portal Account
This is the fastest way for your request to be processed. Simply log in to your patient portal account, click on the “Compose a New Message” link, choose prescriptions and refills from the drop down menu, and tell us what medication you need refilled.

Calling our office
You can also call our office at562 424 8422 and a nurse will help you with your prescription requests.

Chatting with us
Refills can also be requested trough our online chat that is available 24/7.

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