Advanced OB Care Program

Personalized Care with our Advanced OB Care Program

Our team of skilled physicians and nurses is ready to assist you at every stage of your pregnancy-and after your delivery, too. We understand that each pregnancy is unique; and each woman has different needs and expectations. After all, we’re mothers ourselves! When you are expecting a baby, you want a physician who is a true partner, providing advice, reassurance and information, as well as quality care.

Pregnancy Health Coach Program

“According to the latest studies a Health Coach during pregnancy can improve the outcome for mother and baby up to 5 times.”

Based on Harvard Medical School recommendations, we offer a Health Coach Program for our pregnant patients. Our Heath Coach is a Physician’s Assistant who has the latest information from leading medical institutions about important health topics such as proper nutrition, exercise and breastfeeding.

She meets with patients on a regular basis, and spends about half an hour doing one-on-one counseling throughout the pregnancy. The sessions include different topics in different stages of pregnancy, from a healthy diet, and exercising recommendations to the right preparations for labor and delivery.

The Pregnancy health coach sessions have been developed by highly experienced CWC physicians in collaboration with our team of nutritionists and other experts.

Download our Advanced OB Care Program:

Insurance & Your OB Package Coverage

Your OB package includes up to 13 prenatal visits, the delivery and the post-partum visit.

Our billing office will determine, if any, your covered benefits including any deductible, copayments and/or coinsurance payments that you may owe. This amount will need to be paid prior to receiving any benefits from your insurance company. Payment in full is due by the 28th week of your pregnancy, please make arrangements with the billing department to set up a payment plan that meets your needs. Upon delivery, your insurance company will be billed. Should you have overpaid, a refund check will be issued to you. If you have underpaid, we will bill you for the remaining balance.

All lab work, hospital charges, and any services not provided by Complete Women Care will be billed by other entities.

Please note the following services are not included in the OB Package but are usually covered by your insurance:

• Obstetric sick visits
• Non-Stress Tests
• Obstetric ultrasounds
• Amniotic Fluid Index test
• Health Coach Visits

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