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While providing superior healthcare in a comfortable spa-like environment, we wanted our Institute to be accessible to all women that need help.

The Complete Women Care GYN Surgical Institute is a free standing Surgical Center which allows us to have a fee schedule for procedures that is lower than in any hospital. Our lower fee schedule automatically means lower co-pays for our patients.

  • Insurance coverage for your procedure

Once you and your doctor decide that a procedure is the best option for you, our verifications team will contact your insurance and verify your benefits. You will receive information on what your insurance plan will cover and how high your out of pocket costs for the procedure will be.
We can provide this detailed information only for procedure performed at the GYN Surgical Institute.

  • Medicare coverage for your procedure

Yes. The CWC GYN Surgical Institute is in contract with Medicare for the facility and professional services provided by the physicians.

  • Why do some doctors not accept Medicare

A lot of doctors and facilities are trying to stay away from Medicare because Medicare regularly reduces what it reimburses, physicians earn less for procedures and many medical facilities are waiting for a long time to receive reimbursement from Medicare.

However, we at Complete Women Care believe that all women should have access to high quality healthcare and that is why we are always trying to find the best financial model for our patients.

Patient Portion

  • Your out of pocket costs

Upon completion of the insurance verification you will receive an estimate of your financial responsibility. Your financial responsibility depends on the insurance plan that you have.

  • Provider and Facility invoices
    • There are typically three to four Provider Invoices separately billed: 
      • Facility Fees from the GYN Surgical Institute
      • Professional Fees or from your Surgeon
      • Anesthesia Fees from your anesthesiologist
      • Pathology Fees, if pathology services needed

Larger procedures that require an assistant surgeon may generate additional invoices and the rare occurrence that a specialist is called into your case

  • Surgery Center pricing compared to hospitals

Surgery centers are far less expensive that going to the hospital. There are many statistics on the web.

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