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Personalized Care Program

Besides our highly skilled physicians and state-of-the art equipment we think that women when they need surgeries deserve even more.

We are more affordable than hospitals

A procedure at the Complete Care Surgical Center costs less than in a hospital and it is more safe.

Care provided by highly skilled physicians

Our all-female gynecologists and obstetricians have exceptional skills and expertise in a wide variety of surgical procedures ranging from reconstructive pelvic surgeries over hysterectomies to gynecological cancer operations. Our doctors are the Number 1 choice for over 30,000 patients in the area. Collectively our physicians have performed over 50,000 surgeries and have helped over 15,000 women during labor and delivery. For the past 17 years over 1800 primary care physicians have entrusted their patients to our offices. We operate a gynecological treatment center, Long beach, CA location.

All services you need at one location

At out center we can provide diagnostics, imaging, lab tests, surgical procedures and prescription dispensing, all at one location. For all emergency situations there is our GYN Emergent Care Center located in the same building and we offer convenient free 24/7 parking.

One-on-one nursing care

For all overnight patients we offer one-on-one nursing care while in most hospitals one nurse is taking care of 3-4 patients over the night.

Spa-like environment

We like our patients to feel comfortable during, before and after their procedures. That is why we offer a spa like experience with acupressure, massages, custom music and aroma therapy.

We make sure you are comfortable during your stay

All our patients are assessed individually and we have a protocol to minimize anxiety and nausea before and after procedure. We also offer nerve block to prevent post-operative pain.

We care about your family and friends 

The Complete Care Surgical Center is a family oriented facility. Our waiting area is designed to be as comfortable as possible for family members and friends who are waiting. The waiting room offers TV with latest movies, a small library, free internet as well as fresh coffee and treats. For those who rather wait outside we offer a menu with special programs and activities in the Long Beach area.

We care about what you eat

Unlike hospitals, our menu contains fresh food from the best restaurants in the area. We offer Organic, Italian, Lebanese, Thai, Mexican and American Cuisine.

We make sure you arrive and leave safely 

May patients require transportation after or before their procedures. We make sure that our patients arrive safely home after their procedures by providing medical transportation from and to our facility.

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